Clash Royale for PC Download Windows 7/8/8.1 Online

Hello friends, If you are fond of playing games and addicted to Clash of clans  then you must read this post in which  I am going to guide about Clash Royale for PC Download Windows 7/8/8.1 Online. Clash Royale is a game developed by the same company named Supercell, who has developed the most popular game Clash of Clans.

clash of royle

It is similar to Clash of Clans but also has some uniqueness. This game gives you live battlefield arena experience. It has a very high quality of graphics and sound and easy user interface with more levels and excitement. I am sure that after reading this post you will download and play this game on Windows PC.

There are so many types of cheats available like the free cheat, crown cheat, silver cheat, gold cheat, magical cheat, and many more. You will better understand these things when you start to play it.

Cards are user to destroy enemy’s tower, to protect player’s deck, after winning a battle you earns cheats and cheats contain golden cards. So the user becomes more powerful. Sometimes it will take the time to open some cheats.

clash of royle cards

First, It was only available for for iOS only, but now it is available on Android and Laptop/PC. I will guide you about downloading on all platform but we will look for PC first. This game is based on cards the more card the user earns, the more powerful the user becomes.Clash Royale is one of the most downloaded and most playing games nowadays.

To play this game, the user needs to have good tactical and strategy making skills to enjoy this game. It is all about battle, victory,  defeat and cards. Users who play this type of card games will remember Clash of Clans while playing Clash Royale.

So now we will see how to play and download on windows PC 7/8/8.1 and Online. So there are two methods.

  1. Using Android Emulator like BlueStacks, Andy Nox Player, etc.
  2. Using Online Android Emulator like Manymo.

First we will see how to download with the help of Android Emulator like BlueSatcks. Android Emulator is Windows software that allows the user to run Android apps on Windows operating system.

As I told earlier that Clash of Royale was available only for iOS but now it is available for Android device and also for Laptop and PC. We must thank Android Emulator like Bluestacks, Nox Player, Manymo, which allow us to run Clash of Royale app on PC.


There are so many Android Emulators available user can use any one of them. But today I am going to use Bluestacks to download Clash of Royale on PC. So the user should Install Bluestacks in PC. There are following steps to download Clash of Royale. Please follow it.

  1. Download and Install the BlueStacks on PC by visiting it’s official site.
  2. Now open Nox Player and set up Google Play Store with an email account. It will take several minute wait until completion.
  3. Search Clash of Royale in Google Play Store and find it.
  4. Tap the icon and then Install it.
  5. Accept the terms and conditions wait till completion of Installation process.
  6. Open and start playing the game.

clash royale pc

Now let’s see second method which needs Manymo to play Clash Royle on Windows 7/8/8.1 on PC. If the user do not want to download any software like BlueStacks, Andy, Nox player and If user don’t have Android smartphone but still if the user wants to play it then, Mnaymo provides the solution for it. So you need just PC or Laptop to access it. Manymo is online Android Emulator, which allows the user to access any Android app online on PC.

manymo best android

As I said earlier, There are some simple Android Emulators like Bluestacks, Andy, Nox Player also available. Users who do not have smartphone or tablet then the Manymo allows them to use it from PC or Laptop.

The user has to download the official APK file of Clash Royle from Google’s Play store and save it on Laptop or PC. The user must have Internet connection while using Manymo on PC. Now please follow steps mentioned below.

  1. Go to and sign up for the first time.
  2. Select the free trial version and not paid version until the user is not familiar with the features of it.
  3. Now log in to the Manymo.
  4.  Click on the browse button and select the Clash Royle’s APK file.
  5. Now follow the steps which are required and you can Play Clash Royle online with your friends.
  6. Select the appropriate screen resolution.

That’s it. You have completed the process, and now you can play Clash Royle n your PC. You can create groups share cards take help from friends attack on enemy and many more and all of these things for completely free on Windows 8.1/1/10 PC or Laptop. You just need good Wi-Fi connection or the Internet connection for this.

clash of royale pc

Now lets see some features of Clash of Royle which will motivate you to play this game online.  It is a complete action pack game for game lovers. There are following main features of Clash of Royale. It has good graphics, sound, magic more cars, easy user interface and many more features. There are following main features of Clash of Royale.

  1. Most entertaining and brain challenging game.
  2. Can destroy opponent’s tower and win some cheats and cards.
  3. Learn different tactic method by watching duels on TV Royale.
  4. Easy User interface and available for iOS, Android and PC.
  5. Make your friend a part of private duels.
  6. Built own battle community by sharing cards.
  7. Create, upgrade and establish own card collection with Clash Royale family.
  8. Supports cross platform so every friend with different OS can play this game together
  9. Establish your own belittle deck.

clash of royle

One must have a good choice of cards and when and how to use it to make better position in the game. It gives awesome experience to play in the group with friends. So I hope I have succeed to guide you about Clash Royle on Windows PC 8/8.1/10 Online if you have any question then share with me.

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