Tinder Login Online without Facebook

Hello friends, do you use Tinder on smartphone or iPhone? Have you linked your Tinder account with Facebook? Now do you want to unlink Facebook account from Tinder account? So this post is all about you. I will guide you about Tinder Login Online without Facebook. Tinder is being considered as world’s best dating app on Android or iPhone.

tinder logo

Before telling you how to log in Tinder without Facebook let me give some introduction about Tinder for those users who do not user Tinder but interested in using it. So Tinder is most famous online matching partner app. Tinder allows its users to see profile pf other users and select or reject them by just swiping on the screen.

Officially the user has to sign up with the Facebook account. So Tinder gets information about the user from his/her Facebook account like name, date of birth, status, profile pics, uploaded pics, friend list. Tinder use this information and provide best results of suggestions to the user.

This is an amazing app for adults to aged people who wants to find perfect partner according to their choice. I know that you are curious to know about how Tinder works? So let’s see, Tinder finds conman interests, friends, and other meaningful information and shows which person is suitable foe you and allows the right to accept him/her or not.

If the user finds some suggestion according to his/her choice then one just has to swipe right on the screen and in opposite side same person swipes right on your profile then both of you can communicate with each other and see the private information like birthday, contact number, email ID.

Tinder example

Similarly, If you finds not appropriate and not according to your choice then,  you can swipe left that person. After this, you can not see them in future in the free version. It is possible to give second chance someone, but it is in paid premium version of Tinder. If you swipe up on someone’s profile, then it will indicate that you are specially interested in connecting with them. It will appear before they swipe it.

Before telling how to log in in Tinder without Facebook let me give some valid reasons why Tinder forces the user to sign up with Facebook account.

Facebook is everywhere in every website you will find the Facebook share and like button and Sign up with the Facebook option. It is just because of it’s popularity and a number of users. The more users website have, the more popular it becomes.

Facebook is connecting people around the whole world without any charges and holds a large amount of data as well as information of users, and it keep them secret. One of the main reason of linking the Facebook account with Tinder is authentication of right people.

Because when you are going to select your partner you want to make sure that people are genuine and authenticated. Facebook authenticate users, so it built the trust of users on Tinder.

Tinder uses your profile pictures, uploaded pictures to upload it on Tinder profile without asking you and makes easy for the user. It also saves the time of users. Whatever activity the user do on Facebook it will automatically synchronize with Tinder.

Tinder will ask you to scan your contacts and if you allow then it will scan it and try to match them with people that pop up in the app for you to rate. It adds little familiarity and realness to the people if you can know they are friends of a friend.

tinder without facebook

Now the main point is why one wants to unlink it from Facebook. What’s the procedure for doing that and how to do it. So please have some patience I will explain in detail.

First of all, the primary reason one would want to unlink the accounts is for dating privacy. It is one of the primary things in life that everyone want to stay out of the public and away from online profiles. But Tinder doesn’t publish anything on the user’s Facebook profile.

Lets see how to unlink Facebook account from Tinder. I hope you all have seen the privacy option in most of the social networking apps and used it. Yes, it is for our benefits, and Facebook is always taking care of privacy of it’s users and also allows many services to integrate with Facebook account.

One you allow it then other services can access your information. In the case of Tinder, you can make it private and stop sharing it on your profile so do that just follow some steps below.

  1. Go to Facebook.com on a computer or on the desktop site on your mobile phone and sign in.
  2. Go to the “Settings” vertical lines at the top right.
  3. Now you need to click on “See More Settings” at the bottom.
  4. Open “Apps” then click to see all of them.
  5. You will find Tinder on the list. And make sure to App Visibility it shows Only Me.

That way, Tinder won’t be able to post anything to your Facebook account and show people that you use Tinder. Another way is to make a different account for Tinder purpose.This account which you are going to create will include your real first name, your real contact details, your real interests and most importantly your real photos.

Facebook signin

It just keeps it entirely separate from your original Facebook account, and you use this one to sign into Tinder. It means the user can more easily search the details which make their way into Tinder selections, and there are no difficulties with interactions with the user’s friends.

Be make sure that delete the Facebook account once you’re done with Tinder. I will advise you not use this account to cheat or manipulate someone because Gentleman doesn’t play with someone’s feeling.

After all, there is no such a way to make separate these two services. If you really want to keep your account separate from Facebook then you can request and share your views to Tinder I am sure if there are millions of users wants the same then they would change their policy and do it in near future.

tinder tip

Till now Tinder has matched more than 10 billion and you can also be one of them so download it and find your perfect partner. If there is any official announcement made by the Tinder or Facebook for separation of account, then I will surely notify in future posts. So That’s it for today and keep visiting (website name) for new updates and apps.

Nox App Player Download Windows 7/8.1/10 Offline Installer

Today I have come with the most interesting app, in fact, it is not an App it Is software, and many of you are aware of it. Here I am talking about Nox player and in this post I am going to show you Nox App Player Download Windows 7/8.1/10 Offline Installer.

It is the latest Android emulator. It is the software that enables users to install Android app and game on PC or Laptop. Most of the users are using Android emulators to play android games and use Android apps on their computers.

nox app player

It is not the only emulator available. There are so many other Android emulators available on the web like BlueStacks, Android, YouWave, Andy, etc. All of them are quite popular. But, Bluestacks is considered as the best Android emulator by many users.

Though Bluestacks is the best among all, there are some cons in it. The user can not play some games on Bluestacks. But, Nox app player is not like that. The user can run many advanced and high-quality games on Nox Player.

Nox app player is a kind of android emulator that you will love to use. It has so many cool features in it.. If the use has any problems with BlueStacks or any other Android Emulator in which you are using on your Laptop or PC, the user can easily switch to the Nox Android emulator for Laptop or PC and enjoy all your favorite Android application with out any inconvenience.

Everybody starts loving it once they use it. Here, I will tell you how to install without any errors. The user experience of Nox Android emulator is quite satisfying.

Nox App Player

There are two versions available of Nox app player. First is Nox app player online version and the second is Nox app player offline version. If the user wants to download online version, then the user need the internet connection to install it.

But, the offline installer is not same as an online version. The user has to download the complete setup file and install it without any internet connection.

It is up to the user which mode he wants to select. If you want Nox App Player version 3.0, you can go for the offline installer. If you want to get updates every time anything new is added to it, the user may try online installer.

Ultimately the user has to decide which one the user wants to download. Before downloading, Please check minimum system requirements to install Nox Player and to avoid any errors.

  1. The system must have at least 2GB RAM or more is advisable.
  2. 2.2 GHZ processor is needed.
  3. 1 GB Graphic cards or more is compulsory.

If the user’s PC meets the above requirements, then he/she can download Nox android emulator. Please follow the steps to download it on your PC.

  1. Go to the link provided here and download it on your PC.
  2. Open the file and agree to the terms and condition and start Installation.
  3. The process will be started immediately, after clicking on Install option.
  4. It will take to 20 minutes for online Installation and for Offline Installation, it will take 2 to 3 minutes.
  5. After online Installation process gets completed, hit Start button.
  6. Now wait for minutes it will loading for a couple of minutes.
  7. Now you will see the home screen and Google Play store, File Manager, and many more inbuilt installed apps on home screen.
  8. Go to Google’s Play store and sign in if you have any existing account or create a new account for first-time users.
  9. Do not press enter after entering the details. But click on the large right arrow button which is in the bottom of the screen.
  10. Follow the instruction and complete the account set up. You will see Google Play Store.
  11. There are more features available in Nox App Player. You can use them. One can transfer the files from computer to Nox player using one of the features in it.
  12. If the user has an APK file, then one can install it directly on Nox App Player.

I think I have given detailed instruction for downloading Nox player on Windows 7/8.1/10 on PC. So download it and enjoy all the apps for Android on your PC. Now lets talk about it’s features.

These are other features of Nox android emulator. There are so many features in it that you will get an idea about it while using the app player. Now, I will download Nox app player and install it on Windows PC.

  1. It is very quick, and the emulator never hangs.
  2. Users can see File Manager, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp Camera apps are already installed.
  3. The user can feel the quality of performance with Nox emulator.
  4. Nox player is designed based on Android 4.4.2 Kernel, and it is compatible with X86 and AMD.
  5. It’s Response speed is very quick and very stable.
  6. Google Play Store and Browser is also available on this Android Emulator.
  7. Shaking screen feature is also available.
  8. Supports all type of games.

Nox App Player download

The user can download Nox app player for Windows 7/8/8.1 and also Windows 10 and can install it comfortably on any Windows OS versions. This was the complete Guide to download and install Nox App Player on Windows 7/8.1/10 on PC or Laptop.

I think this poss has made you very clear, and you can install Nox android emulator successfully with the help of it. If you still find any issues or have any doubts regarding the procedure, you can simply throw your comment in the comment box and stay connected for knowing about new apps to (website name).

Drastic DS Emulator Download for Android & APK Free

Welcome, readers today I have come with another software. Here I am going to tell you about Drastic DS Emulator Download for Android & APK Free. Drastic is one of the best Nintendo DS emulators for Android. In addition to being able to play Nintendo DS games full speed on many Android devices. First of all, let’s see what Nintendo is.

It is a Japanese multinational consumer electronics and software company which is situated in headquartered in Kyoto, Japan. It is the world’s biggest video game company by revenue. It has been developing so many popular games.

Drastic DS is one type of emulator which is developed under the banner of Exophase and allow the user to play Nintendo games on Android device. Here the meaning of DS is “Developers’ System” or “Dual Screen.” Nintendo games are becoming more and more famous in presently, and users want to play them on Android devices.

If the user wants to play Nintendo games on Android device or PC, then one has to download a Nintendo emulator which lets the user play these types on games on Android or PC.

There are so many emulators available like Drastic DS, nsd4Android, Open NDS emulator, Pretendo NDS Emulator, etc. So the user can download or use any one of them. In this post, I have given step by step instructions and guide about how to download Drastic DS Emulator on your Android.

DraStic DS Emulator Apk

Drastic DS Emulator Download for Android (Officially)

There are two methods available for downloading Drastic DS officially and unofficially. Don’t worry, here unofficially means not illegal but not download it from the official website. I mean to say the user need to download its cracked version. It is easily available on Google’s Play store.

There is two version available for Drastic DS first is Trial version, and another is paid version. The trial version is only for the first time users, and it will allow users to evaluate DS on their smartphone and lets you see how it works on your device. Save games, save states, and cheats are not supported in this version.

It gives only time limit for 30 minutes for all these things. After that if the user wants to continue, then the user must buy its premium or paid version.Here I am going to show you steps how to download it officially. So please follow below steps.

  1. Go to Google’s Play store and search for Drastic DS Emulator.
  2. You will see two main results for that one is paid version and another is free trial version. If you have the downloaded trial version, then select paid version.
  3. Download.it on your smartphone.
  4. Accept terms and conditions and let it Install.

drastic emulator

You have downloaded it on your smartphone and now enjoy your favorite Nintendo games on Android phone.

Drastic DS Emulator APK Download (Unofficial method)

As I said unofficial means not illegal or any type of cheating with the main company. There are so many popular apps available on Google’s Play Store and also, their cracked versions are available on the Internet. Many apps are so amazing and awesome that it makes users addictive of them and make them buy online. But many users do not want to pay money for that. There is nothing wrong in that when there is cracked version available on the Internet.

There is also cracked version available of Drastic DS and also, the user doesn’t require to root his / her phone to run this app. Because nobody wants to root their Android smartphone as it is against the rules of Google. By the way, lets see how to download it by an unofficial method.

  1. Go to the link and download APK file of Drastic DS
  2. Save it on your SD card not in internal memory.
  3. Install in like you do in other App Installation.

That’s it There is nothing to extra in this process, and now you can enjoy Nintendo games on your Android Smartphone without any difficulty.

Features of Drastic DS Emulator

Drastic DS is one of the fastest Nintendo DS emulators for Android. In addition to play Nintendo DS games flowing speed on many Android mobile phones. The user can adjust graphic of the game according to game and phone. It is one of the best features of it. There are so many other features in Drastic DS, which are stated below.

  1. It supports full add-on controllers and physical controls in devices like nVidia Shield and Xperia Play.
  2. It allows customizing the placement and size of the DS screens, for portrait or landscape modes.
  3. You can save and resume your progress from where you left with save states.
  4. Tweak your gaming experience and apply thousands of cheat codes with a database of cheat codes.
  5. One can also synchronize your save games with your online Google Drive space.
  6. Increase emulation speed with fast-forwarding.

drastic ds game

There are so many other features added like Added fog emulation, Edge marking, Save state fixes, etc.

How to use Drastic DS Emulator

Drastic DS Emulator

There are some steps to be accomplished to use Drastic DS Emulator. First of all the user need to create BIOS file of Drastic DS, and it will be set up by Andy Emulator BIOS app. So if you have Andy Emulator BIOS app then open it and generate BIOS file for Drastic DS.  It should be created under Download folder of memory.

Drastic DS

After creating it open the Drastic and browse the game which you want to play. So that need to have ROM File) make sure that is should not an archive file; archive file name ends with .rar, .zip.

Drastic DS zip

If you do not have any ROM file, then download it from the Internet. So select your favorite game and play it on your mobile.I hope that you have got a full idea about Drastic DS, it features and how to use it on Mobile phone.

Drastic DS download

If you face any problem while downloading or in using process, then please share it with me. My team will try to solve it as soon as possible. Stay connected with (Website name).

ooVoo Login Online (Account Sign Up) for PC Web

Do you want to make a video call in high quality across the world and without paying the single penny? Then ooVoo will be the boon for you. In this post, I am going to guide you ooVoo Login Online (Account Sign Up) for PC Web.

ooVoo is become more famous in nowadays for its video calling feature and superior service. ooVoo allows the user to make a voice call, video call, share text messages worldwide and its available absolutely for free.

web Log in

ooVoo is available on Apple’s iTunes Store, Google’s Play Store and also on the web. The user can easily download it. Many most popular apps like Viber and Kik has not developed their web versions, so the user has to use Android emulator to use this types of apps. But here, ooVoo has developed its web version so the user who does not have a smartphone or iPhone can also easily access it or use it.

One can go to ooVoo web and use it without any third party software like BlueStacks, Andy, Nox App Player or Mnaymo. One just needs to sign up into website and start calling and messaging. So the user needs just an Internet connection. To use it on PC there is no requirement of downloading any software on PC.  So the user needs to follow some simple steps to use it online on PC.

  1. Go to the official website of ooVoo or ooVoo web.
  2. You will see the screen with the option for log in on ooVoo web.
  3. If you have an existing account, then you can enter your ooVoo Id and password and log in.
  4. But if you are first time user then three options for that.
  5. If you have the active Facebook account, then you can continue with log in with Facebook id and Password.
  6. ooVoo will ask to access your profile pic, your contact details, your personal details. If you agree and allow, then you can enter in yo ooVoo and use it.
  7. If you have active Google email account, then you can continue with log in with Google email Id and Password.
  8. ooVoo will ask to access your profile pic, your email contacts, your personal details. If you agree and allow, then you can enter in yo ooVoo and use it.
  9. ooVoo will automatically synchronize this details with your account.
  10. If you deny sharing your personal information from Google or Facebook account. I will consider it as the smart move; then there is another way to create an account on ooVoo web.
  11. Just click on “Sign Up”.
  12. Fill the basic information like name. E-mail id, password and upload your profile picture and set your ooVoo user name which will be shown to other users.
  13. After filling form click “Sign Up”.

ooVoo sign up

You are done here you have created your account on ooVoo, and you are now entitled to make video calls, voice calls exchange messages with friends. But before that, you must have some friends in your account. So lets see how to add friends in the account. To do this, please follow below steps.

  1. Now Click the “Add friends” button on the left hand-side menu. A screen will be opened after pressing it, with various abilities to add your friends.
  2. If the user knows your friend’s ooVoo ID or Email, then one can directly add them by using the “Search on ooVoo” section.
  3. Once the user adds, then that friend will have to open ooVoo and approve one’s friend request. ooVoo takes care about the user’s privacy so it will not allow people that not approved to call you. It works like Facebook
  4. After one’s friend approves his/her friend request, one will be able to see them when pressing the “Friends” button on the left-hand side menu. The list will come out with added friends.
  5. ooVoo also help the users to find friends: user can use “the People you may know” tab to find contacts that ooVoo suggest to one may know based on his/her other connections.
  6. The user can invite the friend from Facebook or add friends from Twitter to find more friends.

web  Add friend

Now lets see how to make a video call which is the main feature of ooVoo and makes ooVoo so special. ooVoo, offer free, high-quality video calls worldwide, as well as crystal clear audio so friends will never miss the word you say! Please follow the steps to make a video call.

  1. Click on a friend open the profile page.
  2. Click the video call icon.

web Video call

To answer a video call, if the user has enabled ooVoo notifications on the browser, one will find the notification pop up at the bottom-right corner. There are following tips are provided by ooVoo to make your video call better and avoid the unnecessary errors.

  1. Use messages screen to message friends and create new groups. Groups are the best way to reach everyone fast and on the same time.
  2. Do you want to to send media files during your call?
  3. So click on the attachment icon next to the text field.
  4. And select the file to send.

Now lets have the final view of some fantastic feature of ooVoo app. I have mentioned it.

  1.  Easily available for Android, iOS and The Web like Windows and Mac Laptops and PCs.
  2. Allows free video calls, voice calls, and Text across the world.
  3. ooVoo also have free Group Chats so the user can enjoy group chats with friends, colleagues, relatives. One can change group name and picture like WhatsApp.
  4. Fewer dropped calls. ooVoo has technology to detect and adjusts with the connection speed of user it results in to low call drops.
  5. Share picture message while active calling.
  6. Can call  12 people on The Web and four people simultaneously on mobile.
  7. Available for more than 300 Android mobiles and also adding more.

oovoo android

I hope this post has helped you to know about ooVoo and how to Sign Up on The Web on PC. Now if you face any difficulty in, reading this post then share them with me. I will do my best to solve it. Thanks for reading this post and don’t forget to visit (website name).

Spotify Premium APK Download for Android

Welcome readers today’s post is dedicated to the music lovers or those who want to listen to new music every time. So please read this post which is about Spotify Premium APK Download for Android. In today’s world listening music is becoming hobby of everybody. So thanks to smartphone and technology that user can store and listen thousands of songs at anytime and anywhere.

But it has some limitation that user can store certain number of song according to memory and listen to only those song which is in his / her media player. But now I have come with a solution of this problem with an amazing app called Spotify. Spotify is an app which allows users to listen to their favorite music in various languages, create playlists, radio, etc. The user also can share his / her playlist with friends on Social Media like Facebook, Twitter.

spotify logo

Spotify has two version first is the free version, and another is premium version. There are limited features in free version like listening songs, searching create the playlist, etc. But in the premium version the user can download the song and listen offline, no Ads, and also gets better sound Quality. There are different rates of Premium version in different countries. Here the user can download premium cracked version of Spotify.

Spotify is officially available on Apple’s iTunes store but not on Google’s Play store. So there is no need to worry for Android users because the APK file is available om the Internet and the user can use it for completely free. The user can use it only when the Spotify is available in his/her country. It was available and more famous in American and European countries.

Lets see how to download it on Android devices. Before downloading the app, the user need to do some changes in settings. I will tell you why, because Spotify is third party app and Android OS will not allow it to run on your phone if you do not make changes settings.Let me tell you something about third party apps. Third party apps, which are not available officially on Google’s Play store.

Please do not consider these apps as the danger for your device just because they are not available on Google’s Play Store. They are developed by well knows companies and developers.

Here Spotify is also one of them and developed by trusted developer. This APK is completely safe to download and virus-free. So to make some changes in settings the user has to follow below steps.

  1. Go to Menu –>> Settings.
  2. Applications –>> Enable Unknown Resources.

unknown sources

After doing this, Your Android device will allow Spotify to run. Now there are more steps to complete the downloading of Spotify Premium APK on Android.

  1. Enable Unknown resources.
  2. Download Spotify Premium APK form the Internet.
  3. Open and Install it on your Android smartphone or Tablet.
  4. The user needs to sign up for the first time so fill details and then log in.

Spotify Sign up

If you use this on iPhone, then there is the option available for log in with Facebook. So if the user logs in with the Facebook then, Spotify will scan the contacts and make an easy for you to share your favorite music with your friends.

But this feature is not available in cracked APK of Spotify. Here you might have noticed that there is no need to root your phone to use Spotify. So download it and enjoy limitless music for free. Please read further to know about it’s features.

Spotify allows the user to listen songs, music from 20 million songs in over 20 different languages. It has more than just your in built music player of the phone. It allows users to listen to any song from any language which is supported by Spotify. There are following features of Spotify Premium APK.

  1. Allows to play any song, any time
  2. Play any artist, album, or playlist on shuffle mode.
  3. Play any type of song, at any time.
  4. Listen closely free of cost on the tablet computer.
  5. No ads.
  6. Frequently new updates.
  7. Listen offline.
  8. Get better sound quality.
  9. Make own radio with favorite songs and playlist.

Spotify Radio

I think these features are enough to download such an amazing app, but there are many others features that you will see after downloading it. Let me tell you how to use this app.

After log in, the user will see the “What’s new” window; Spotify continuously adds new songs and genres rather than stick to the old choice of songs and music.

So the user can enjoy new songs and newly added items. Users can search albums, songs, tracks by entering only once in the search bar rather than searching individually.After entering some keyword in the search bar, the user can see the results differently for songs, tracks, albums in different rows.

The user will find many options in this page like ‘New Recommended Albums’ Trending Playlists Among Friends, Top Tracks Among Friends, New Releases, Trending Playlists Near You, and Top Tracks Near You.It makes very easy for the user to choose songs.

spotify screen android

There is a category named ‘New Releases‘ which particularly adds the new albums which are added to Spotify over the last days. It is not necessarily be brand new albums, but albums that are newly added to Spotify.

The user can create his playlist and listen to it when the user wants. You can also make a Radio by using playlists and listen to the great mixture of songs at anytime and anyplace you just need to have the Internet connection.

I expect that you have got an idea about Spotify and how to use it. I am sure that you will feel new experience of music and find a variety of music like never before. So download it and also share it with your friends and keep enjoying music.

Please share your experience of the new musical journey with Spotify and if you have any problem regarding it then send it to me. I will try my best solve it as soon as possible. Don’t forget to visit (website name).

Lucky Patcher Download for Android APK

Hello, friends I am going to tell you about very special and unique Android app. To know why it is unique and special read this post of Lucky Patcher Download for Android APK. It is special and unique because it is not like video downloading, image editing, gaming, social networking or messaging app. It is especially for those users who wants to control their Android device. Yes, today I am going to tell you about Lucky Patcher.

Lucky Patcher is the different type of app. It allows the user to stop Google ads, restoring and backup of applications, enable to use Modded Play Store. It gives the real control of the apps installed on your Android to the user. Lucky Patcher allows control over the apps installed in user’s smartphone. The user can manipulate settings of apps, remove apps, uninstall apps, change permissions and many other tasks that user can not do in normal mode.

But wait here, If you want to use this app, First of all, the user needs to root his/her device. Yes, Lucky Patcher works on the only rooted device. Root the device means that the user goes against policy of Google or Android OS. Sometimes your device can misbehave while using some apps.

But if we keep this aside the rooting device, there are several advantages of this app. There is the nice proverb that “If you want to gain something, you need to loose something.” But here you are not loosing anything just rooting your phone! Now let’s see how to download it on Android smartphone or Tablet.

Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher APK Download for Android

As I said earlier, you must root your Android device before downloading Lucky Patcher. So let me give some brief introduction to the users who are confused in how to root the phone. Rooting in Android is equivalent to jailbreaking in iOS. Follow some simple steps to root your device.

  1. Download and install Kingo Android Root on Android.
  2. Now enable USB debugging mode on your phone. In the different version of Android, it is the different way like, in Android 4.0 or 4.1, Settings –> Developer Options –>” USB debugging. In Android 4.2, tap Settings –> About Phone –> Developer Options –> then tick USB debugging.
  3. Then run Android root on your PC, then connect your smartphone through USB cable. After some time, the former should show a connection to the latter. You will see the “Allow USB debugging?” pop-up. Tick “Always allow from this computer,” and then tap OK.
  4. Finally, click on Root and wait till this process gets completed. – Finally, click Root and wait for a while.

Lucky Patcher remove li000cence

That’s it. I hope you have rooted it easily, and lets see how to download Lucky Patcher on Android. Lucky Patcher is not officially available on Google’s Play store but it’s APK is available on the Internet. Follow steps given below to download it.

  1. First of all root your Android device. If you haven’t, then do it.
  2. Download APK file of Lucky Patcher forms the Internet.
  3. Save that APK file according to your space in mobile. i.e. Internal storage or in SD card.
  4. Open it and Install on your Smartphone.

 I hope after doing above steps you have successfully downloaded it on your Android device. Now you can use it and control your apps, change permissions, close and stop Google ads. So now take a look at it’s Features, After all, you must know why you have rooted your phone and what are benefits of this application.

Features of Lucky Patcher APK App

First of all Lucky Patcher gives all access and control of the phone in your hands. Google will not interrupt any more in your device. The user can modify and create APK by his/her choice or needs. It allows the user to take over control from Android to own hands. It is very useful app when the user wants to use unapproved apps by Google, or some apps which are not available on Google Play store. I have provided the list of some features.

  1. Custom Patches which is useful in hacks for Particular Apps.
  2. It allows users to remove license verification of the app so the user can use protected apps.
  3. Provide in App Purchases Hack.
  4. Change Apps Components, permissions, controls.
  5. The user can create modified APK by choice of the user
  6. It allows using modded Play Store.
  7. It lets the user remove Google ads.
  8. Users can disable app.
  9. The user can develop system app.

lucky patcher

These are main features apart from this there are so many other features that you will experience by using it. After downloading and knowing features of Lucky Patcher let me show you how to use it. There very simple method which I have described here.

How to use Lucky Patcher App

To remove license of any app, please follow below steps.

  1.  Open the Lucky Patcher app. You will see a list of apps installed on your phone.
  2. Then, click on the app which you want to remove permissions.
  3. Then go to Menu of Patches –> Remove License Verification –> Auto Modes –> Apply.

lucky patcher

Now are you tired of unnecessary and irritating  Ads from Google then just follow steps given below.

  1. Open the Lucky Patcher app.
  2. And tap on the app you want to remove Ads.
  3. Now go to  Menu of Patches –>Remove Google Ads –> Patch to remove Google Ads –> Apply.

If you want to hack in-App purchases, then this will guide you how to do that.

  1. Open the Lucky Patcher app.  You will see a list of apps installed on your phone.
  2. Now, tap on the app you want to Hack In-App Purchases.
  3. Now go to Open Menu Of Patches –> Support Patch For InApp And LVL emulation –> Apply.

lucky patcher

So This is the complete guide about Lucky Patcher and its features. I hope I have clear my side, and you don’t have any doubt in this post. But if still you have any doubt in rooting the phone, Installation of the app, or how to use it, etc.

Then surely contact me by putting your views and comments in comment box. I am waiting for your messages. I thank you for reading this post, and I hope you will visit (website name) again for new exciting apps.

Freedom APK Download for Android

Do you know the meaning of freedom? Of course, you do. But have felt in games? I mean to say in the users gets stuck in many games due to insufficient cards, points, coins and not able to go nest level or stage. Does it happen with you? If yes and you wants to enjoy freedom in the favorite game, then mark my word this post in only for you. Here I am going to tell you about Freedom APK Download for Android.

freedom apk

In today’s world, most of the people are using smartphone and playing games on it. In fact, it is the best way to pass your free time by playing games and having entertainment. But there are some difficult but interesting games.

which user wants to play it but due to fewer points, he/ she stops at some level or stage. Many users face so much difficulty to clear some stages. So If you are also facing the same problem, then Freedom APK is the best available solution for you.

Freedom, as its name, suggests that it gives you complete freedom in games. It allows or helps the users to earn points, cards, coins. Are you surprised? Yes, it is possible and this app does it comfortably. Everything is possible in this era of technology.

If you have downloaded Freedom in your mobile, then you do not need to worry about it. While playing the game if there is need of any points, cards, coins, then Freedom will earn it for you.

coc using freedom

Once you have downloaded Freedom, then enjoy the game and if stuck at some level then hackers will manage points or coins whatever it is applicable in the game. And you will clear it easily. If you are the true game lover and wants to explore new levels in games, then you must try this app. I am sure you will not be disappointed. Now lets see how to download it on your Android device.

Before downloading and accessing this app, there are such requirements which must be satisfied the first thing is that the user must root his/her device. Rooting means you are not using your device as per guidelines by Google. In other words, you are taking whole control in your hands from Google’s Android OS.

In the technical point of view, rooting an Android device means the user is enabling the phone’s operating system to use apps and programs by giving them Root access. Here to Install Freedom APK, the root is permission required.  In other words, by doing it, the user will be able to install apps and software which the use might not be able to install otherwise.

The user who have used Apple devices, this process is similar to Jailbreaking an iPhone. Rooting is usually done when one wants to run a specific application on your phone or when you want to make certain modifications. Otherwise, you might not have much use for it.

Initially rooting of an Android phone was a very tough task; It took days to understand a technical person whole procedure. And some people had given up even before started. But the time is being changed, and there are many new apps are there which makes this process easy and everybody’s cup of tea!

Root Android

But before rooting your device, you must be aware of the risks by doing this. It may lead to misbehaving of your device and after rooting your phone Android, or your mobile company will not help you if there is software damage occurs in your Android device. I request you to take back up of your data from your Android device before rooting it because in some cases it may lead to data lose.

freedom root access

But thanks to new apps and as I said that it was very difficult to root the phone before but using latest apps it’s almost impossible to damage your device now.  So now follow the steps and root your device so that you can download Freedom APK.

  1. Download and install SuperOneClick Android Root on Android. There are other apps available, and user can use any of them. But here I have used it because SuperOneClick is very easy and safe to use.
  2. Now enable USB debugging mode on your phone. In the different version of Android, you will find different way like, for Android 4.0 or 4.1, Settings –> Developer Options –>” USB debugging. likewise in Android 4.2, tap Settings –> About Phone –> Developer Options –> then tick USB debugging.
  3. Then run Android root on your PC, then connect your smartphone through USB cable. After some time, the former should show a connection to the latter.
  4. You will see the “Allow USB debugging?” pop-up. Tick “Always allow from this computer,”.
  5. Now, Tap OK.
  6. Finally, click Root and wait for a while.
  7. Restart your phone.

Your phone is now booted and after restarting, you will see the SuperUser app on your cell phone. Now Its time To install Freedom on your Smartphone. Please follow below steps to do it.

Freedom Apk Unlimited In App Purchases

  1. First, download the freedom APK file from the Internet.
  2. Go to security–>> Applications–>>Enable “Unknown sources”.
  3. Now, Install the app and open it.
  4. After that, Allow super user permission request when it prompted on screen.
  5. Select the-the app in which you want to make free in-app purchases or use to earn points, coins.
  6. Please wait for some seconds and let app start automatically.
  7. Make the required in-app purchase and Enjoy.

freedom payment

You have done it. I know it was the very long process, but if you have followed the instruction as I have suggested, then I am sure that you can use Freedom on your Android device and clearing levels in your favorite games. I hope you have understood how to root the Android device and unroot it.

You also have got the idea about Freedom APK and its features. So enjoy it and share this post with your friends and tell me how was experience while playing games after installing Freedom APK. If you have any doubts, then share it with me. I will solve it as soon as possible. Stay connected with (website name).

How to use Freedom APK?

I hope you have read my previous article about how to download Freedom on Android. Today I am here to show you how to use Freedom APK?. You all know what freedom is and how to download it but allow me to give brief introduction about Freedom for our new readers.

What happens, when you addicted to a game very much and suddenly stuck into the challenging level and not able to move ahead due to fewer points, cards, coins then you wish that someone can earn points for me. Isn’t you? So Freedom APK is the answer to your question.

freedom apk

Freedom APK allows the user to play the game without fear of earning points and coins because Freedom is doing it for them. This is the amazing app for game lovers.

All you need to do is just play a game and leave other worries of points up to the Freedom APK because hackers will manage points for you and you will get them at the time when you need.

Now have you read my previous article which was about how to install the Freedom APK on Android device? If yes then great Today I am going to tell you how to use it.

I know this app is little complex to use, but I am sure after reading this post you will be able to use it. So first of all root your phone as I have suggested in my previous post and follow the simply given steps.

  1. First of all, download Freedom APK
  2. Now, Install It but do not open it.
  3. Then turn on flight mode.
  4. Please go to Date and time settings and uncheck automatic. After that go to below and select your time zone to Moscow, GMT +4:00. One reason for doing that is because developers are from there, and they made their app work in their timezone only.
  5. Turn on Wi-Fi or 3G.
  6. I recommend you to use this app without changing timezone at first, and if it says ‘Freedom APK is not available in your country’ then only change your timezone to Moscow.
  7. So now, Open freedom. APK and wait for couple of minutes until it finishes displaying “please wait” message.
  8. Select the-the game which you want to hack and wait until it finishes its work. Now it shows “Reloading AK47” or any other. It doesn’t mean anything. Just stay calm.
  9. Now the game opens itself, and the user is free to buy coins or any other items in many games and apps if that app or game is supported.

freedom game select

Now many game developers have updated their app and changed the in-app purchases to server sided. So it is possible that it may not work in all apps and games.

Still some games and apps are supported.Here I would like to give important advice that if you want to uninstall the freedom, open it and stop it and the uninstall it then change your timezone to previous or original form. Otherwise, you are not able to open Google Play store.

Freedom app apk

If you did above process and you still can’t access google play, reboot and try. I hope you have got an idea how to use it and if you have any difficulty then share it with me. Keep visiting (Website name).

Freedom APK Alternative: Lucky Patcher

If you are the true game lover, then you must have heard names of Freedom, Lucky Patcher, etc. These are the apps which are really helpful while you are playing the difficult level of the game. This post is dedicated to Freedom APK Alternative: Lucky Patcher.Let me allow to tell you to our new readers that Freedom is such type of app that earns points, cards, coins when they are required.

Imagine You can control your phone I mean to say controlling Google apps, create your modified APK, manipulate permissions of the Installed a. Isn’t cool?Yes, this could be possible in this era of t

echnology. There are several apps that do this thing. Freedom is one them but today I will guide you about its alternative which id Lucky Patcher. It is the similar type of app but having the more easy user interface and easy to Install it.

freedom apk

The user can manipulate settings of apps, remove apps, uninstall apps, change permissions and many other tasks that user can not do in normal mode.It allows the user to stop Google ads, restoring and backup of applications, enable to use Modded Play Store.It is very useful app when the user wants to use unapproved apps by Google, or some apps which are not available on Google Play store. I have provided the list of some features.

Lucky Patcher remove li000cence

Freedom app is just useful in earning points in the Game, but Lucky Patcher gives you complete control of your phone. But every coin has two sides. Similarly to run this app the user need to root his / her device. Root the Android device means that the user goes against the policy of Google or Android OS. Sometimes your device can misbehave while using some apps.

First of all Lucky Patcher gives all access and control of the phone in your hands. Google will not interrupt any more in your device. The user can modify and create APK by his/her choice or needs. It allows the user to take over control from Android to own hands. It gives the real control of the apps installed on your Android to the user. Lucky Patcher allows control over the apps installed in user’s smartphone.  Look ate some features of Lucky Patcher.

  • You can develop system app.
  • It allows the user to use modded Play Store.
  • One can disable the app.
  • It allows you remove Google ads.
  • Custom Patches which is useful in hacks for Particular Apps.
  • Create modified APK by choice of the use.
  • Provide in App Purchases Hack.
  • Change Apps Components, permissions, controls.It allows the user to remove license verification of the app so the user can use protected apps.

Lucky patcher Apk

So This is the complete guide about Lucky Patcher as Alternative of Freedom. I hope I have explained it in easy and understanding language. And still you are facing any problem in this post. Then surely contact me by putting your views and comments in comment box. I thank you for reading this post, and I hope you will visit (website name) again for new exciting apps.

Top Android Emulator to Play Android Games on Computer

Playing Android games on PC or computer is really possible through the use of Android emulators and over here I’m sharing a complete guide on top Android emulators to play Android games on computer. Yes you’re getting a complete guide over here with detailed information and list of top Android emulator softwares.

So you simply need to go through this guide and within few minutes you’ll come to know kind of options you have available and also their initial review so that you can check them out later.

Top Android Emulators to Play Android Games on Computer

You can find lots of Android emulator softwares on the web but you can easily get confuse while selecting one of them since for a normal user each of them look worth.

#1 BlueStacks

BlueStacks is definitely and probably the number one choice of millions of users and its getting better with each new update within. You can easily find it available for free on its official website and within few minutes of dealing with its installation process which is quite simple and easy you can start using it to install any game on your computer.

Free Download BlueStacks App Player Install Windows

BlueStacks needs no introduction these days since its very popular. Its recent version uses almost a latest version of Android native operating system which had helped them to complete gain a brand new user interface which is way simple and easier than earlier.

You can easily login into your Google account to enable synchronization process. Also you can easily start Google play store app directly and find out and install any Android game or app on your computer.

The main attraction of BlueStacks software is that it is available for free and you don’t need to pay anything to use any of its features. You simply get it installed and then follow simple things to install any game. Its installation process is also very simple and gets over simply.

#2 Andy

Andy’s main problem is that its system requirements are very high. This software creates lots of problems and issues when installed on a low-end or middle-end computer. It may not get installed itself on old computer systems.

Andy for Android

But once it gets installed and is successfully running then you’re going to fall in love with its very simple user interface which is identical to the native Android operating system installed on a tablet device. So if you have used an Android tablet before then you’ll find no issues with Andy.

You can directly start Google play store app, download and install any Android apps and games on computer and can also use other features and options available within the Andy.

#3 YouWave

YouWave is the last one I recommend to my readers over here. It is not a free software but you can use it for few starting days without paying its cost.

How to Install Android apps using YouWave

It gets installed easily and run easily. It provides screen and navigation options using which installing and playing any Android game is very easy. There is a browse app which needs to be used to access Google play store to access games and apps.

Main benefit of using YouWave is that it comes with premium and dedicated customer support.